I’m obsessed with BR’s super cool sustainable windows!

Sustainable Marketing

A friend recently shared this incredible project with me — a super sustainable window design for Banana Republic that was featured in their windows globally last Fall. The premise was to use store “waste” (from cardboard boxes to plastic water bottles) to create beautiful, impactful window displays. Designed by Harlequin Design out of London, this window embodies the premise that sustainability  should start with the design process (and not be an after thought), and that sustainable materials can be used to create elegant, unique and inspiring work! Well done, BR!

For more information: harlequin-design.com/banana-republic-think-outside-the-box/

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The Retail Graphic Recycling Crisis

Sustainable Marketing

Rollout - Simons WEMPhoto: Christophe Benard Rollout – Simons WEM Photo: Christophe Benard

Did you know that retail graphics in store windows and interiors in malls across America contribute over a billion square foot of toxic materials into the landfill?

I know marketing and retail graphics does not come first to mind when thinking about the overwhelming sustainability challenges facing the world, but someone needs to take notice.

I have been in advertising and retail print production for over 20 years, and am currently working for a purpose-led company who believes in doing the right thing. While I love making the retail world “pretty,” I have been inspired for the last 6 years to do what I can to reduce landfill waste in the development of marketing and visual graphics, both in 2D and 3D executions.

The crisis really starts with the lack of indepth recycling happening at the mall level. I believe they are recycling…

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