“Print Out Loud” SGP launches new campaign for Sustainable Brands ’16

Be part of the new “Print Out Loud” conversation sponsored by SGP and International Paper.

Stay tuned as we get ready to go live with the PRINT OUT LOUD campaign with a blog. This campaign will be a focus for the Sustainable Brands ’16 conference in San Diego California, June 6-9.



A Blog About Sustainable Print Marketing.

Printed marketing is impactful and resonates with customers even in this digital age, yet many brands feel guilty about using it. This is likely due to the many misconceptions out there about the paper manufacturing and printing industries. We are happy to tell you that the paper and printing industries are two of the most sustainable industries in America!

This blog is designed to share ideas and information on how to infuse sustainability into a brand’s marketing supply chain. Once a brand becomes aware of their eco-friendly options, they can begin to implement these best practices throughout their company. The brand – and their increasingly more conscious customers – can feel great about their printed marketing, and PRINT OUT LOUD!

Join the Conversation!

Visit us at Sustainable Brands ’16 conference. Stop by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership booth in the Activation Hub or visit us in the International Paper/SGP Connect Suite.